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Your life healthy. Town. I passed up to exhaustion jets. Just tell me a write up for what it is that I need to do. And then again, also cheering cheering each other on many think that we we would have been like ten steps beyond where we were too. I think we may have been going in that direction point. But it's like we've taken steps back and people on helping each other did not supporting each other. Like, I would like to see it to be and you cheer leadership concept, really lends its lends its hand to that. So let's talk about how you got here. A little bit by background because that is so cool that is so interesting. So I know the story, but I'm gonna let you share it with our listeners is so neat shor-short. Well, it all started on August. The nineteenth two thousand one Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville Florida, and I arrived to an open fee. Feel that parks and rec center hair north Jacksonville. And I saw about eighty women there on the field, and they were already warming up. They were stretching sprinting, but the strange thing Connie is that I noticed that these eighty roughly eighty women were not talking to each other now where on the planet does that ever happen. Right. So they weren't unicating, and I realized very quickly that they were in a competitive mode. There was just this strong competitive spirit in the air. They were glaring each other sizing each other up, and as I said, not talking and the truth of the matter is that these eighty women were competing to be one of the first ever women's professional full tackle football team players for Jacksonville, Florida, then they were competing to be one of the first of the Jacksonville Dixie blues. And so when I arrived there that day I was there because I had always wanted to. Play his little girl myself, my mother, she always wanted to play. So she would have college football on in the background on Saturday afternoons when she would be doing the laundry, and and she was on it looks like so much fun. I want to put on the shoulder pads in the helmet and get in that big pile of people and hit bullet. Poland. So she was just vocalizing this crazy dream that she had and growing up in a day and age where women did not play football. They most certainly on the sidelines at all. Yeah. Very true. Very true. And so are her words really influenced me. And so I thought well, I want to be one of those too. So obviously there were no football teams for little girls. So I ended up doing the next best thing, I became a cheerleader. So I kept that through that dreams alive through my life. I would tell that to my husband as we would watch NFL, and he would just kind of shrug it off. But he really heard me and then one Sunday afternoon he was reading the newspaper and sure enough he says, you know, what there's a team coming to Jacksonville, Florida. And I couldn't believe it. I popped up. A it was so excited. I'm running around the house picking all my good. As my dreams. Come true. I've got to get ready for the tryouts. But roles I've got a buyer. And so I'm getting cited. So you know, I've got to do this. I mean, this is a dream come true an opportunity, come true. And when I asked him when the tryouts were they were that day in about two hours. Yeah. Two hours. Outta member..

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