Sears and Kmart closing another 40 stores


AM. Eight ninety new Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is out of the hospital supreme court says the five year old Justice was released from the hospital this morning. She had been admitted to George Washington University hospital Thursday morning after she suffered three rib fractures after a fall in her office Wednesday now that she's been discharged from the hospital spokeswoman Kathy Arberg says Ginsburg is doing well and working from home. That's correspondent Linda Kenyon reporting on this week's drive Chicago a discussion on what impact the midterm elections could have on auto industry regulations, safety and incentives. Dr Chicago, Mark Billick tells us what he thought about driving the Genesis GED sports now they've put polish on it and made it a serious competitor for those that are looking for a luxury sedan with a dashes sport. But don't want to break the Bank. Jim O'Brien traveled to Las Vegas and reports back to us on what he saw this year Sima shells in a nutshell is kind of a roulette of car shows one minute, you're looking at drifting vehicles, the next you've got custom real life. How does there's the new ranger in the new plays around display then in the next one. You've got some vintage landcruisers our old datsuns that are just in Pristina original condition. So there's everything Chicago ears every Saturday at eight AM, and here's a little ditty about John and Meg singer, John Mellencamp and actress Meg Ryan or getting married. They've been dating on and off since twenty ten. No wedding date has been announced Ryan was previously married to actor Dennis Quaid while Mellencamp has been married. Three times. Wwl news time four oh three. A look at the roads. Edens out lake

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