CNN's Jim Acosta has White House press badge revoked


The White House has suspended the right house pass of CNN's Jim Acosta, accusing him of harming an intern who was trying to grab his microwave during a contentious exchange with President Trump accuster responded on. CNN but didn't put my hands on her or touch her as they're alleging. And it's just unfortunate that the the White House is saying this, you know, we all try to be professionals over there. And I think I handled myself professionally in a statement CNN said White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders. Right. They said the White House revoked a Costa's press pass in retaliation for his challenging questions during the conference. Jury selection has wrapped up in the New York trial of Mexican drug Lord, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman. The jury of seven women and five men are to hear opening statements next Tuesday, the notoriety of the case has prompted extra security measures that include keeping all of the jurors anonymous. You're listening to USA radio news. 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Boy, the headline stocks set Bal another ten percent before finding a bottom. According to the piper Jaffray technician. Stocks due for a recession and a tumble CNBC's are cash. Stating that every decade since the eighteen fifties in the US has had a recession. We haven't had one yet. So it's gonna happen. My advice, you do not obsess over fear of recessions. Wayne, why also last hour I was discussing the seven-year asset class return forecasts by none other than GMO. Jeremy Grantham, the G in GMO also wanna talk about the market what's happening with the market right now because you know, we went from record highs. Everybody's now concerned that we're in the midst of a bear market, which is true, by the way for a lot of the SNP stocks down twenty percent from their high. But I'll get a chance to talk about that. But I wanna start today with the piper Jaffray prognostication. Just over a month ago, the standard and Poor's five hundred. Was setting record highs. According to leave now more than seventy percent of the indexes components isn't a correction or worse. With some high profile names like Twitter, Caterpillar, Ford and AMD deep in bear market territory. So what are you going to do about it? I mean this. This is really amazing to me because people will come out and say, yes, we're the stocks could fall another ten percent. But they sure as h won't tell you when because they don't know. And so what if they do? Another ten percent. When when you're up four hundred percents since the bottom back in March of two thousand and nine what the heck's ten percent. And will we recover along? We'll take for us to recover from another ten percent fall six months a year. I don't know. I do know this that obsessing about recessions, and so forth is not a good thing. You can go a long time without a recession. But art Cashin very highly respected person on Wall Street says that every decade since eighteen fifty we've had one. And since the great recession ended in two thousand nine. Obviously means we haven't had one this decade. But in reality. You can go a lot of years without having a recession. Australia hasn't had one since one thousand nine hundred ninety one according to Ben Carlson. Who's a researcher? And does this kind of research? Could we not? The entering into a period of time where we're not gonna have a recession. I find it highly unlikely to be honest with you in the near term. I don't know anything about the long-term. But I look at the economic numbers right now. An absent some squirrelly stuff with trades and so forth. That you have to hope that the president figures out a way to worm his way out of the pickle. He's gotten him with China now with Russia nuclear treaty and all that stuff. But but so far this dude is figured out. How to do that stuff? He's got the strangest way to negotiate, but it's it's pretty darn effective. So assuming he does and a lot of these companies that are freaking out like, Caterpillar and so forth. Because of tariffs with China at cetera et cetera. That too shall pass. No one ever said making money in the stock market was easy. No one ever said that it was easy. And it's not. But over a long time period you look at the charts. I mean, I'm not charter, it's okay. I hate looking at charts. I think it's a waste of time to look at charts unless you're looking at one like the past thirty or forty years and just put your finger at where it started thirty or forty years ago and put your finger where the other finger from the other hand, I should say where it is today. And you will see a nice line that goes from the bottom left to the top, right? That's what the stock market has done, historically. In between times. There have been some pretty wicked selloffs. I mean, pretty darn wicked selloffs we've had some pretty wicked ones over the last several years as a matter of fact. Since the market bottomed in early two thousand and nine. There have been corrections of minus sixteen percent minus nineteen point four percent. Minus twelve point four percent minus thirteen point three percent. And mine is ten point two percent. That's in the standard and Poor's five hundred and I can assure you every single time. The pundits came out of the woodwork said. Yep. It's over now. Harry dent probably said, Yep. This is the precursor to Dau three thousand. Which he has actually said in the past that the Dow was going to crash the three thousand and instead of crashing to three thousand it's stored the twenty five thousand. I mean. He's a smart guy. No question about it. He's from Harvard, and he's not the only one by the way. I saw Ron Paul the other day on some TV commercial, and he's expecting a whole world to go to heck and a Handbasket and many many many others. But let me repeat since two thousand nine we've seen the market, correct? By sixteen percent. Nineteen percent. Twelve percent thirteen percent and ten percent. So when I read about piper Jaffray prognostication that we're gonna fall another ten. Oh cares. Who cares? If you were smart enough to get out, and then doubly smart to know when to get back in then perhaps you would care, but I don't. All right, shifting gears to the market as I said, Jeremy Grantham produces his seven-year asset class real return forecasts and as of September thirty two thousand eighteen. Here's what he had to say. Now when I say real return that means after inflation. After inflation. US large-cap stocks after inflation. Minus five point two percent per year. For the next seven years. That doesn't look good. Now, I have to also tell you that Mr. Grantham has also been wrong small-cap, stocks, minus two. High quality stocks minus five. Large companies international minus point five small international companies, minus point four emerging markets. Plus three point two percent. So after inflation. Three point two percent. Which means a nominal return about five and a half percent. That's the best. You can do. According to grant them bonds. Don't look any better. US bonds flat for the next seven years. International bonds down minus one point eight emerging market bonds up two point two percent. Cash up one percent. So check this out the emerging markets have how do I say this? Really been sucking fair and wind lately. He had according to Grantham. That's where you should put your money. I'm not suggesting that you do. I am suggesting that your ten to fifteen percent or whatever you've allocated to the emerging markets stock and bond markets, you hang onto even though the emerging market stocks have been. But I'm also suggesting these stay the course with your plan when we come back. We'll talk more about the market where it's been and where it is year to date where it might be going and some ways to build wealth outside of the stock market. Jeremy Grantham is correct around. 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But emerging markets are the only ones. That actually are above water three point two percent. And on the bond side. It looks equally as dismal. International bonds down minus one point eight percent. Emerging market debt up two point two percent. So it's just not looking all that hot. I'm gonna talk about some alternatives here in just a moment. But I thought that I would refresh everyone's memory on where we are year to date. In terms of the market performance. And this could change. Any moment because Marcus have been pretty volatile lately, haven't they? The Dow's up three point seven two percent. The NASDAQ is up seven point seven four percent. The Russell small cap index is flat point three eight percent. And the standard and Poor's five hundred is up four point zero nine percent. Now, if you've got an adviser, and they're charging fees. You're going to have to subtract that that's just from the index itself. Now bonds have been in the tank this year. And I wanna talk about this a little bit later, hopefully an opportunity to do that. But core US bonds are down minus two point four one percent. Long core bonds minus six point four four percent year to date. People buy bonds because they're supposed to be safe. But in a rising interest rate environment and can be nasty corporate bonds. Minus three point three two percent long corporate bonds. Minus six point five five percent. Government bonds, the safest of all. Minus two point two one percent. Intermediate minus one point five eight percent. Long minus six point three five percent. Make alone that the government this year. A long term loan twenty thirty years. You lost six percent mortgage. Bonds minus one point seven seven tips treasury inflation protected securities, minus two point six percent. Knowing that really looks okay and the bond world high yields are up one point six percent. And T-Bills cash basically one point four one percent. So where do you go to build wealth in a market like this? Well, number one is you do not. Bail on your stock market portfolio. But as I have mentioned for years and years and years looking at alternatives to the stock market can make some sense. And alternatives to the bond market as well. Alternatives to the bond market. Could be other forms of debt private debt and so forth. And you gotta look hard for this stuff. You need a very very good financial adviser. You don't have to look quite as hard in the insurance world because insurance companies compete favorably with bonds with certain annuities. We talked yesterday about multi-year, guaranteed annuity contracts. They compete with CDs virtually no risk if you hold until the end and you'll get a better rate of return from most companies, then you'll get from treasuries. Fixed annuities index to new itys variable annuities with guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits, locking in some kind of a guaranteed income stream in the event the whole world collapses. Those are great ways for you to diversify away from the stock market, but still have the benefits of the stock market. If things do well if they don't do. Well, you're still okay because you locked in a guaranteed income stream for the rest of your life, which will probably translate into a bond like asset, and depending on how long you live. It could be a dog on good bond. But more importantly, it gives you the ability to wait out the storm in the stock market. So what are some of these fresh alternatives to the stock market? Well, we've talked about rental properties and vacation homes. A lot on this show. And there was a company now I forget their name. It'll come to me that evaluated. A lot of these different strategies in terms of how much orders yield street. How much it costs and how hard is it to do? So rental properties, the drop in home ownership rates is obviously led to a rental, boom. But you've got to be very very careful here because some markets you could lose your shorts in. So here's what they said about rental property and vacation homes. The setup is hard. It is got to do your homework time commitment is high. Money required, medium, twenty to one hundred thousand bucks, and the research is on you. Then they went to commercial property. You got to put a lot of money into this money required. Two hundred and fifty thousand time commitment medium setup again hard. Franchises like a subway or Dunkin donuts and all that you can earn ten percent. But it's very very difficult to make that work for you, unless you're the person behind the counter, and even then you're not going to get rich. Now, if you own twenty six Dunkin donuts or Jack in the boxes, you can make a fortune if they all work, but they're not all going to work perfectly. But your time commitment is high. The setup is hard the money required. Big fifty grand for the little Mickey Mouse franchises. And even Dan if you hired a manager you still got to watch over them. If you put fifty grand down, and he made ten percent five thousand bucks a year. I don't know if it's worth the risk. There's peer to peer lending this actually pretty easy to do. Go online, and you can get pretty decent rates of return. Anyway. Some alternatives at least to the stock market. I wouldn't get too crazy here big allocating some of your money to alternatives wise move. My preference is to find a fund that does these types of alternatives for you be willing to pay a fee, and let them do all the hard work. So you can sit back and go to Dunkin donuts. Have a Cup of coffee in about eighteen hundred calories. We'll be back. 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You just have to understand them and understand the role that they play in your portfolio. I mean in an ideal world. You'd figure out how much money you want to spend from your portfolio each year and ladder out some reasonably safe bonds and every year when the bond matures. You'd have the money go spend it and everything's cool. But as we discussed the other day. Most small investors get hosed when they do that. Because of the bid ask spreads and so forth. And you never really know what you're getting until you got it. So hence the bond fund over the years has come to fruition. And for the most part, they're pretty efficient way to buy bonds. In particular, if you're reinvesting all of the dividends, and you have them there for some form of safety. It's not what I would recommend you do with one hundred percent of your fixed income portfolio. But the question I get more than any other one on bonds is why do bond funds lose money. When interest rates are going up. I'm buying them for safety of principle. Well, we haven't had the deal with that much over the past decade or so because interest rates really past thirty years or so because interest rates had been on the decline. So bonds didn't really lose. But so far this year. They're hitting the skids, pretty hard. Pretty hard. Two six percent, depending on what you own. So as I've mentioned many times before there's an inverse relationship between interest rates and bond prices. So as interest rates, go up the value goes down. Let me give you an obtuse example to make the point. Let's say you went to the Bank. And the Bank was paying five percent interest on a CD. So the bond that you went out and searched for at least earn the same five percent or the person go to the Bank. So let's say you decide to put a grand thousand bucks in a bond that pays five percent. So now, you're getting the same interest from the bond as you're getting in the Bank. Now, what would happen to your bond? If the Bank happened to raise interest rates from five percent to say ten percent. You already bought the bond. So you're sitting there earning five percent. But you know, you can walk across the street and get ten percent. In a CD. So if you wanted to sell the bond. Paid five percent you'd have to reduce your price. Because anybody that would buy that bond from you would obviously prefer to go to the Bank and get ten percent rather than paying you par value for the bond and earn five. So the bond that you originally bought for a thousand dollars that pays you fifty bucks a year in interest. Would have to be reduced in price to five hundred dollars. Because a ten percent interest rate on five hundred bucks produces a fifty dollar per year interest payment. So therefore, you would have to reduce the value of your bond by fifty percent. That's what happens in the bond market. Now interest rate Dongo from five to ten percent. But I think you get the point. Now the Federal Reserve. Held interest rates at near zero for almost eight years. So we have not experienced this kind of dilemma with bonds and bond funds in the recent past and with interest rates rising bonds tend to look more attractive from a yield standpoint. But if they continue to rise, the total return may not be nearly as attractive. We've talked about alternatives. Many many times before. One alternative is to hire a bond manager that can go anywhere. Remember, I said before that high yields we're actually up so far this year not much but nonetheless up long bonds were down substantially. And most financial planners. Not me. Recommend allocating forty percent bonds. I didn't do it. When I was practicing and interest rates are on the decline and bonds were great performers. Because I always knew that at some point interest rates would change and people wouldn't understand why the safety portion of their portfolio was losing money. That is not to say, I wouldn't have some money allocated demands are just wouldn't do almost fifty percent of the portfolio. Especially when I can find alternatives like fixed annuities and fixed indexed annuities that produce returns that are very similar if not better. Especially when the stock market's doing well, but I wouldn't abandon them. But some people think well, wait a minute. Maybe my bond fund manager is asleep at the switch here. So maybe they are. But the problem with some bond fund managers is. What they're hired to do is by let's say government bonds. It's the government bond fund. So they can't switch to high yield. Because that's not doesn't have the same risk profile. So many times even if the manager frankly wants to go to cash or do something else. They don't want to let let the cat out of the bag here. They're in the business of managing money Abban managers in the business of managing money. Just like a stock managers in the business of managing money. And they don't want to not buy government bonds if their strategy is to buy government bonds, even when they perhaps think the buying government bonds not so hot. So rather than by a single purpose bond fund. You can buy a bond fund where you trust that the money manager will try to go to the right place to find the right bonds. I'm not suggesting they'll do better or worse. I'm just suggesting that they have more flexibility. I mentioned other alternatives fixed index the newest he's why are interest rates going up interest rates are going up because there's a fear of inflation not necessarily inflation. But a fear of inflation. And the unemployment rate is going down and wages are going up. And that bodes well for stocks. It does bode well for stocks. So if you have interest in a quote bond like an annuity, and the interest was calculated based on how well the standard and Poor's five hundred or some other stock index did. And there was no possibility of a loss. Why wouldn't you take some of the bond portfolio and put it there? I don't know it makes sense to me. Hi, did it to the tune of millions and millions of dollars for clients back in the day. And they never got angry because they never lost money. Now, they didn't make much either. There are making fourteen percent. When interest rates went down two hundred basis points on their bond fund, but they didn't lose six percent on a long year long bond year to date, and if you looked at the performance over a five six seven years, and in fact, there's academic studies on all this stuff. You'd find that their performance has been very competitive with bonds, and in some instances even competitive with stocks, although I would never ever buy. It has a stock market alternative. But if you want something that's safe, then has an underlying guarantees. You can also slip in one of those guaranteed income benefits. If you prefer that. And they're priced earn three to five percents. Don't let anybody give you any Gulf about eight nine percent. That's bogus information. They're price earned three to five percent. Just like bonds only, they have no downside risk. And bonds today with interest rates going up, certainly do have downside risks. Don't eliminate all the bonds because of interest rates come down. You'll do very well in a bond fund. A rising interest rate environment. Not so much emails next right here in the. He like business content. I mean, if he did like business, you wouldn't be listening to this show. Right. What if I can give you even more of what you like we've never met. But I'm willing to bet you are very busy between your work, family and outside. This little car ride is your time to catch up on your favorite show. But you always get to tune in. Exactly. Now, there's a business club with you in mind. This is the place for business videos on demand. We have partnered with this show to provide you more of the content. You like the best part? 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It didn't get to everything. I wanted to get to today, but I do get to a couple of emails here. We'll start with Allen. Alan. Says right loved the show. I'm self employed. It looks like I'll have about fifty K leftover this year. How can I say some taxes? I take eight K per month out as income, pardon me. Well, self-employed probably means you are unincorporated. I might be thinking about a corporation. Probably not for this year. All though depends on how much money you're gonna earn between now and the end of the year. Because what you may be able to do. Is incorporate? As of mid November or something like that. And then not take any income out of the company until after the first of the year that way any money that you would earn the balance of this year, the corporation would earn and not you wouldn't show up on your tax return until next year. And you'd be able to do something. That could shelter that money between now and then. So really? That that tactic. It's probably something you'd wanna do for sure. Next year. This year and talk to your advisers. It may or may not work. Now, if you are self employed, and you have kids under the age of eighteen I've talked about this before. But we now and the end of the year is Christmas break there's thanksgiving. There's a lot of time those kids could work for you. You can

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