Disney working on Star Wars prequel


You Disney. Ceo Bob, Eiger said on the company's earnings call today that they are working on a prequel to the best Star Wars prequel of all. And don't at me. Here y'all rogue one it's going to start the eagle Luna, which is great. But here is the devilish part. Disney's going to put it on its soon to launch streaming service. So yeah, another five ten bucks. Whatever a month out the door. I we gotta go down does drills up ten points today. That's less than ten percent. Nasdaq down thirty nine point about a half percent P five hundred seven points. Lower quarter percent, John Buckley eve Epstein, Stephen, Gregory, John, Gordon, Betsy Streisand are the marketplace editing staff, the managing editor is deputy. I'm KAI Ryssdal. We

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