President Trump, Lexus and President discussed on Indivisible



More Weather Channel forecast tonight, mostly clear and cool. Low in the low to mid sixty s tomorrow beautiful day, mostly sunny, high in the low eighties Seventy-seven now on a clear skies at the KTAR, h Westside northside Lexus. Twenty four hour weather center. KTAR h news time seven thirty one. Our top story hurricane Michael has claimed the lives of at least six people in multiple states at least four deaths confirmed in Gadsden county, Florida in North Carolina person died when a tree crushed their car in eleven year old died near a lake in Georgia in the storm. President Trump addressing the trash and waste in oceans today. The president signed a Bill that aims to reduce ocean, debris. He said other nations have caused much of the problem. But the US is having to step up to address it on Wall Street. Another rough day the Dow plunged five hundred forty six points to close at twenty five.

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