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Type in my last name. It's like, it's. Tom leykis show. Unscreened calls at nine zero one three thousand. These are unscreened calls. Blow. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Tom. Why? Hello. What can I do for you? Hi, okay. So this is another great reason that never get married then tax law changed alimony to no longer be tax deductible to the payer and must be recorded as income to the receiver. Now, it is tax free to the receiver and no longer tax deductible to the payer chest like child support. And by the way, it was bad enough paying vagina Mony why? Now, the idea that it will not be tax deductible. If that doesn't hammer home the message I've been sending don't get married or don't get married without a prenuptial agreement that specifies there will be no spousal support in the event of a dissolution of the marriage. I don't know. What will right? And you know, how you had that lawyers say slavery ended in eighteen sixty five. Yes, I do. Well, you know, indentured servants continue their way over on a boat. So they would sell themselves for two years, and then they were free. Yup. What do you do? What do you do when you're sixty five? You're not hire you and some lady wants to be paid for the rest of her life tax free. Right. I think anyone who does that is insane. Anyone who gets married now is nuts? Right. And this is even worse because at least the child support your kid turns eighteen you know, you're out of the tunnel. Right. Exactly right now. I'm so glad you brought that up that is a very good point. And thank you for mentioning that. These are unscreened calls. I want to get everybody in here. Hello. Hello. Is that a question or statement? That's a question. How do I answer a question? Like, hello. Oh, I just didn't realize I was on. I'm sorry. You do know. This is unscreened calls. That means there's no warning. I pick up the phone and say Hello. That's fantastic that that made my whole evening, Tom, my, I just I just realized you were a thing you were a person, and I've been listening to everything you've had to do all day while I've been at work. I it's been fantastic. It's life altering like it's so reassuring to hear somebody like you saying the correct things even though people can't stand it because it goes against the norm and the positive feeling and all the data that they make you put up with every day. Right. Exactly. Exactly. Well, I just want some advice from the master. My life took a nosedive financially a couple of years ago never been married. No kids 'cause I'm. Not retarded. So. Financially. I had been at this place for about eleven years at a lot of money saved up the Bank, Andy credit cards and long story short depression nonsense. I should have been on medication. I'm bipolar manic depressive, and I let a lot of stuff go after that job. But I bought them that real hard, and nobody would help me out. And I I just I. Finally found a place where I could live that was whether my price range where I had at the time that will let me have my dog because it's the only thing I had to have. Found a job that's been an hour away. I bought the Nissan versa. Like you had preached about forever ago nine thousand ninety nine car. Yes. I bought that. Nobody told me about that. I found it. And it's been my my Steed ever since serve me. Great. Yes. So anyway, I sent a great job that I could finally do that jives with my personality. It's an hour away. It was a stretch, but I've managed to call my way up, but I make nothing in money because I'm sacrificing money for comfort. So. However, I'm working overtime. And I just want to know if I'm going in the right direction at this point. I need to know how I can start maximizing my money while keeping my sanity and. Any kind of financial advice? You can give me. Well, I have cut. I've done it myself, by the way, and I don't need to do it. It's just it's it's my nature. So I cut expenses to the bone and they're away. There are ways to do that. And whether it's making your own Espresso at home instead of going to Starbucks giving up smoking if you're smoking or shopping at Costco, or. And I had a guy called me yesterday said his cell phone Bill is two hundred and forty something dollars a month. Who's paying two hundred and forty something dollars a month? People. We are. No, no. So I yeah. Oh, no. I I have maximized way out. The the biggest thing that I'm spending money on right now is gas because of my commute. But I wanted to get out. I I wanted to do the whole lease. So there was no way to get sued or or anything like that. So I figured with the vehicle I had that was an option. So I was doing that. But I'm thinking more along the lines of like long-term, I'm gonna go for a medical coding and the place where I got hired on at one of the things that I liked about it over anything else was that it would give me experience because I can lateral from what I was hired for into what they would let me do that. I wanted to do going forward for the experience, and then I could move onto the better paying job. But I'm thinking like money-making accounts. I I can invest high risk. I guess because I I've not really starting out with much. The next thing. I can start doing is signing up for the my 4._0._1._K. They match it three percent. Yup. So once I can start saving that. So I just wanted to make sure that I'm like, you know, I'm living the dream and going forward, and I've always been really crafty. And I've seen a lot of things on YouTube where you can start making your own by 'cause play props things like that. And I'm just gonna start very cheap to do. And I've always been crafting artistic so I'm aside I'm going to do that. And so that on EBay. Just side hustle. I guess. Wow. Well, you know, it's the gig economy. So plenty of people are doing side hustle. And I think it's I think it's fantastic. The idea is not to waste money. That is the surest way. To get yourself financially secure is is not waste money on stupid things that exactly and that's where they get us. You know, they get us at Starbucks where they got us conveyed. We used to spend ninety nine cents on a Cup of coffee in the morning, and now it's ten dollars because coffee for sex, and then you get a skull, and then you pay tax, and suddenly you're spending a lot more money. No. The idea is to not get sucked up into those things. Exactly. That's really good advice. Appreciate that. It's worked for me forever. And that goes back to when I had no money. Yeah. Eat at home instead of eating out just. Oh, yeah. Well, thanks, Tom. I I appreciate I just wanted to like run that by you. Because it just seems like you're appro on it. You said you you bottomed out yourself. And so that's really good that you approve. Okay. Well, good. I appreciate that. And the other thing I did was I pay credit and credit cards down to zero. Yeah. I have not I have not had I use credit cards every month to get the plots or to get the cash back, but I pay my Bill in full every month. So I have never allowed a balanced to carry over. Never just don't do it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There's no point in doing that. I mean, why would you why would you even do that for? I mean things that you don't need. I mean in an emergency. I suppose. Let it ride. But right. I mean, I can't really think don't you don't want to be going out to dinner all the time. And then letting those balances ride, you know, and people do it, right? Right. Yeah, they do. Yeah. I've got a couple of buddies. That'll let themselves get into it. They get like a slightly better paying job. And then they just start thinking they could throw the money around. If they don't know. They don't realize how fast it builds. That's exactly right. I mean, again, I was near bankruptcy three times. And I almost did it. But I realized by tighten the screws on myself that I could I could make the money back pay everybody back without having to file bankruptcy. And fortunately, that's what I did. Yeah. Yeah. So there you go. I hope that helps. Yeah. That really does. Yeah. And just appreciating the the one can you all are you able to blow me up? Of course, I'll blow.

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