Border Patrol Agent's Gender-Reveal Party Sparked Arizona Fire, Caused $8M in Damages


And off-duty border patrol agent pleads guilty to starting a massive blaze during a gender reveal gender reveal party gone wrong to find out the sex of his baby last April off-duty border patrol agent. Dennis Dickey of Tucson, Arizona filled. A target with colored powder. The target contained Tanner writes, a legal, but highly explosive substance on the gun went off it sparked a wildfire which raged for a week causing over eight million dollars in damage Thirty-seven-year-old reported the blaze he was charged with a misdemeanor offense for violating US forest service regulations. Dickey calling it one of the worst days of his life. As part of his plea agreement to the US attorney's office says he will spend five years on probation and has agreed to pay restitution totaling over eight million

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