Syria Claims Rebels Responsible For Latest Chemical Attack


That the true meaning of Christmas has been quote lost and buried under an avalanche of commercialization. The message was delivered as school assembly by Father Christmas, Christmas activities are banned unless the kids can persuade their religious education teacher to bring it back. They have until November thirtieth Email their teacher and explain why they should be allowed to celebrate Christmas. A new Guinness world record is being said by three hundred ninety five people who formed the longest line of ice. Skaters skaters gathered on the Red River mutual trail and Manitoba on world cancer day back in February the chain for change project organize the van as a way to raise money for cancer center in Manitoba Canada. They were able to raise more than one hundred ten thousand dollars to put toward cancer charity and break a world record de you NBC, News Radio sweet strawberry icing, you're in goodwill and just past that vintage denim jacket. Spot miniature doughnut earrings.

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