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Mine favorite my favorite success, quote is ba- wear of the drain Titus. Yeah. Thank you know. That's a lot of entrepreneurs. Now, you've probably not going to work or stay with your job, very things. It's like not if there's always going to be drain his and doing outta love declare shy. But it's true say where the drain Tyke is what comes to mind mostly. Wow. Wow. My process for evaluating opportunities is both aerobically. I'm gonna be cliche inside the seven livers as well. In the you know, when we come across probably more like, it's probably more of a tool tactics is pajamas. But the same sort of thing is that if we say a new idea to implement that oh, we should be doing everyone selling women is is that's the thing that every business should be doing. But we put it through the filter and saiako women. I was going to help increase out transactions. Customer is going to help us increase average autumn process is going to increase how to vision, right? And we figure out what live that's actually gonna work on what it's gonna actually improve. Because we can't. By distinction between the tactic opportunity, and what liver it's going to improve. You're not gonna improve the bottom line. It's going to be a distraction. So that's kind of the that the women because I did the same thing in. I've found that it's a distraction. Yeah, it's businesses that can look. And so it wise, you know, for us, for example, where will implement webinars businessman in Tokyo is to existing customers. Not as not a front end lead generation to is to customers for training support up selling education at new things happening Intel co in front systems in communications that accustoms can have figured it's very way. Do the went off or the existing customer not yet on the customer. And. Yeah, yeah. And that's the thing is I don't think twenty two business recently who he runs he's a property manager for golf club residential estate. So people started like a residential site that leaves around Gulf Coast. Yes. And he's like this webinar calls for two grand grants, not doing. And I'm like what full is from our prospects who your prospects all the developers of these estates. I'm gonna develop a really going to say much about how you're gonna make their property development. Of course, not like he got sucked into the hype of the silos pitch. Yeah. Everybody's doing it in that sales pitch. I'm gonna jump back here little bit and annot again go over time, but I have to go back here because this is a question that I always get from my listeners. How you're you're going with your conversation one I work with them and say you need to remark is who audience is. And then you need to understand. What are they listening to where they hanging out at how are you going to get other than before you start creating something and make money that you don't need to create. So now for your business. What is your number one strategy for lead generation for your clients for us? Yes. So in a Toko business. It's woods. I was is an side of the business twelve years ago when I us when we sort of pivoted into the hottest we realize that, you know, the receptionist was going onto the infant for courts refined system rather than anywhere else. That's what we pivoted not sort of has been still. Esi of co-funding business you're targeting in their buyer. Basically, you know, for reasons we sell fine systems to businesses. So the accounting firm the.

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