Will Brunson's Frustration Affect Him Against Till?


Brunson's very consistent but with those consistencies. He has consistently had a problem with a striker. He can't take down. Brunson gets frustrated. I know it because it was the problem in my career. So i can see what other guys have it when they have the same problem. I can see it if brunson comes out in his game plan is to take you down and he fails to take you down. He gets frustrated and things unravel very quickly. If you go see also too great fights if you wanna go back right if you're betting on this fight to great ones to see before you form your opinion anderson silva vs derek brunson derek. Brunson beat anderson silva. He lost the decision. He won the fight one of those nights. But he's in there with a great striker anderson. Brunson was successfully getting down at least part of the time so he didn't get frustrated his plan that he came in there with work at least part of the time it was enough to march him forward through fifteen minutes. The decision is history. The opposite happened when brunson oughta sonya he knew the blueprint he knew very clearly. I must take a sonya down and so did the rest of us because it was on the heels of artists on your inventory were vittori did take him down held them. They're frustrated oughta sonya so brunson knows what he needs to do when he failed to sign. You got his hips away. Got under kept him back on the feet. Brunson got frustrated. So it's it's one of those deals because in many ways this is the same fight it is till a striker. And he's great at it and he's weird. He's a very awkward approach. He twists the hips. He keeps his hands down. He goes southpaw. he goes orthodox. He looks like he's gonna kick when he's punching. He looks like he's gonna punch when he kicks. He's awkward adds to effectiveness. Good news for brunson even though it's the first time he's fighting till it's not the first time he's fought that awkward style. Okay we are going to have a long fight. I don't close my eyes and invention away that brunson gets till out of there. I can see ways that till stops brunson. I can see where till hurts it. But they're unlikely you're going to have a long drawn out contest and brunson has always impressed me with his ability to compete the harder the rounds get the more he's gotta dig the more grind and grimy gets he seems to rise to. I think that's the kind of fight that he's going to have picking

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