Paul Kengor Suggests We Reached Immunity Between Vaccinated and Naturally Immune People


He writes the following So, according to the CDC itself. An estimated 120 million Americans have been infected with Covid. Then there are another 200 million plus have been vaccinated. Many of those infected were pressured into getting vaccinated anyway. Still add up those numbers, and there's surely close to 300 million Americans with natural immunity, artificial immunity. Out of 330 million In many of the 330 million are Children, babies. So the natural immunity question is crucial. And yet the feds aren't even discussing it. Well, this is my point. As well. When you throw around the unvaccinated Joe Biden is assuming that people out there will be as stupid as he is and say, Hey, yeah, he's 80 million. Unvaccinated. Say, Wait a minute. Whatever. I've got immunity and but you're not vaccinated. Don't like that. I am vaccinated. But that has nothing to do with anything. I wonder if Salon what was that puts his name Zachary something rather Mr Producer. Pitzer rally. Pizzarelli, pepperoni. What was his name? Anyways, a little. He's a mental midget. Zachary over there. It's salon, speaking of left wing cook sites. I wonder if Zachary is going to write articles. About this. What it means to be unvaccinated, and that Joe Biden first was opposed to the Trump vaccinations. Now he can't get enough of them. Or Kamala Harris. Same thing. He'd rather write about. The poor souls who've been in talk radio who passed away. This is how sick these bastards are.

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