U.S. Conducts Drone Strike in Kabul

NBC Nightly News


Breaking news. Of course out of afghanistan president biden making good on his promise to retaliate for isis k. Attacks on us military and civilians near the kabul airport last week rap. Sanchez is in doha. Cutter raffled can you tell us tom. A little after five pm local time as the sun was starting to set over kabul. The us military says it carried out a drone strike against an isis cave vehicle heading for the airport. The drone tracks the white cars drove through this residential neighborhood just west to the airport and the strike happened around two miles from the perimeter. Us central command says the vehicle was packed with explosives and posed imminent threat. When it was hit those bombs went off and cause significant secondary explosions. You can see this happened right next to houses and there are reports that an afghan child was killed in the blast. The us military says it's looking into that but has no indications at this time of civilian casualties. No us personnel were injured. And this doesn't appear to have had any impact on the evacuation effort. President biden did warn last night that an attack was highly likely but just because this flawed appears have been thwarted doesn't mean the danger to. Us troops is over. The white house has said all along that the most dangerous hours of this operation would be the final hours ahead of tuesday's deadline for

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