Susupect: Neww Podcast Looks at Racial Profiling After Halloween Murder

In God We Lust


Residence of a redman apartment complex. Were throwing a big halloween party with dozens of people in costume mingling drinking and dancing but after the party started to quiet down one of them was murdered in her home. The police spent weeks piecing together. The night with hazy recollections spotty dna evidence and dozens of party photos eventually. They had a suspect. His story kept changing his. Dna was at the crime scene when he finally came in for questioning. The detectives felt like they were breath away from a confession but that didn't happen and so the police decided to focus their attention on another man. A man with a criminal record whose. Dna was also found at the crime scene and he just so happened to be. The only black man at the party suspects starts out as a compelling who done it and then becomes a story about cutting edge forensic science and mislaid justice. It's about race and policing and ultimately the kinds of weighty decisions that cops and prosecutors make every day decisions that once made change lives forever and are almost impossible to

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