Life Inside a Women's Prison: Life Jolt

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My name is rosemary green and this is life jolt a. It's a podcast about the experience of women in the correctional system. Women like me life jolt prison slang for a life sentence but in a way every jail sentence is a life sentence. It doesn't really end. When you get out i know i've spent five years in a. Us prison for drug trafficking. It haunts me still. But i'm here to tell you that i'm so much more than my crime. We all are in this episode. We're going to focus on the first stage of a woman's journey through the criminal justice system. Let's call it the before times before you've had your day in court before you're convicted or acquitted that period between your arrest and your sentence when you really don't know what's going to happen if you'll be sent to prison or for how long the wait can be excruciating. If you're lucky you'll get bail. And at least she can wait at home. If you're not so lucky you have to wait in jail on remand like i did like diana did. There's alleged about it. Came home drunk. And i thought my husband friend was cheating because she was there and we had argument week before. Like i couldn't understand why she was there. I just i blew up by got mad and they take off. My husband went up the street to a friend's house and she took off. I don't know where she went at. First diana's one of roughly two thousand women in canadian prisons. You want actual detail well. I grabbed his guitar. And i started storming up the street so i went in there and i smashed guitar over him. She's describing the assault that landed her in jail.

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