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Cost defecting seems like one of those things that people don't do anymore it is also not have thought walls. He behavior associated with the cold war. A decision by the citizen of one party to that conflict that they'd rather be a citizen of the other party to that conflict. Sometimes these were people who trained in what they knew for a new life for example the russian kgb archivist vassili mitrokhin who defected to the uk in nineteen ninety-two with six trunks stuffed with secret documents. This very simple. Russian was so disgusted with the evil and immoral regime under which he operated. Sometimes they were people who understood that they fame was a passport to freedom in this category. We find the romanian gymnast nadia combination. The russian ballet dancers rudolf nureyev and mikhail baryshnikov. The russian chess player. Victor coach noy when they left. I did it test for sake of my chase career. I was so is in the soviet union so the only chance for me to to follow my chess life. Defections were not exclusively east to west a few travelled in the opposite direction. Whether at all ideological conviction will self preserving expediency may small cohort of british spies left for the soviet union during the cold war and twenty three american prisoners and one british comrade chose to stay north of the border. After the korean war made my mind at dinnertime lunch. I just grabbed a shotgun about ten rounds of ammunition and made for the dmz. There is also the curious case of the former. Us marine who defected to the soviet union in nineteen fifty-nine became vexed by the dullness of life. As a 'let's operator in minsk electronics factory specifically noting in his diary the lack of nightclubs and bowling alleys and returned to the us in nineteen sixty two. His name was lee harvey oswald. Such is the rich and peculiar. Tradition revived this week. By cuba's under twenty three men's baseball team at least nine of whom have taken advantage of their recent participation in a tournament in mexico to decline the return flight. Sporting defections are another prominent category of the practice earlier this year. The belarusian sprinter cristina simona. Sky defected via the tokyo olympics to poland. And the cuban baseball have some obvious role models. Aroldis chapman pitcher with the new york. Yankees is a cuban defector. As is jose abro on first base for the chicago white sox and they are far from alone in having fled the castro revolution for the major leagues. The up and coming cuban style says prieto defected in may while in florida with cuba's senior. Men's baseball team bidding for his signature by american clubs is expected to be spectacular so it is entirely possible that this latest bunch of bat-waving defectors erecting principally in the interests of their own advancement and fair enough though the cuban regime does not see it like that upon returning to havana with the remains of the squad. The head of the cuban baseball federation louis. Daniel dole gave it plenty about the weakness of those who betrayed collective commitment and those who did the unspeakable to demoralize us. Among other of the more picturesque excuses ever offered full losing bronze-medal playoff here is of course. Another observance of the grand tradition of defection. The disparaging of the defectors by their aggrieved homeland. As traitors collaborators sellouts et cetera. Cold war defections were always prized by the west as propaganda triumphs not unreasonably. It is never a good look for ideologically. Dogmatic hermit tyrannies when then model workers declare a preference for the decadent and bourgeois realms of the counter revolutionary capitalist running dogs and so on which is why cuba which alone with north korea is one of the last marxist bastions that the jig is not irrecoverably up is taking this defection so hard. This is a sad story on a number of fronts. It is tragic. That young people feel compelled to abandon their homes and families in order to maximize their potential. It is wretched that the cuban regime still drives cube people to such lengths and today's especially melancholy inasmuch as it looked for a while like baseball could have been the arena in which cuba and the united states reimagined that torturous and ridiculous relationship with the crowd in two thousand sixteen when then. Us president barack obama visited havana in a bid to end decades of pointless hostility. He and cuban leader raul. Castro sat together to watch. Cuba's national team played the tampa bay rays at havana's estadio latinoamericano deal was done to allow cuban baseball's to play legally in the us. This was axed in an active characteristic petulance by the administration of president. donald trump. this season's major league. Baseball playoffs began this week. When the white sox played the houston astros they fielded six cubans between them one way or another. They'll keep coming for article twenty four. I'm andrew

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