A highlight from 994 - Sticky Map Making | Tales of Lady Witchbeard Ep4

Sleep With Me


It's time for the podcast or we see. Who do you prefer cross or christopher cross in. I say oh boy would is. This is going to be a abady. Castello esque bid. You wait you mean. Do i prefer criss cross. I mean kasim. Nat anna criss cross relationship with christopher. Cross is still christopher. Actually he did say h- you'd prefer And i don't even know if i didn't research is to sit. Ob mr ob. You like a. And mr. Christopher cross o b e or you know sir sir mr christopher cross so i guess in that sense. It's ways for me to say you know criss cross Plus i like. I'm more likely to accidentally dress aleichem in crisscross because they just walk houses sweatshirts on inside out and make sure run inside out so oh boy but talk about mixed up mixed up close. I got a bit of a mixed up. Mind in it's all for your benefit san for sleep with me.

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