Steve Bannon on How Trump Is a Figure of Divine Provenance


At most people know you if know you from war room and so many people Listen and watch it but they would know you obviously from the trump administration in my mind. You were one of a handful of people tiny handful there really seemed to understand the cultural import of what trump represented talk about that just for a moment because that's the bigger issue and that's why what happened. In the united states it was a global phenomenon. Not many people were talking about the global phenomenon. That happened you were were one of the few. Yeah look. i've been working on this since the since the financial crisis of two thousand eight. When i kind of you became a filmmaker got gotta walk away from the banking and finance business off but the way i think the most the best way to think about it is kind of from your writings particularly your book on bond popular. Just one of my favorite books in your current books divine. Providence is active in our lives and our world affairs in you. Meet these providential characters and donald trump was fathered entry. I mean he kind of galvanized in a person in a leader. Many of the undercurrents that have been going on this country particularly this populism this economic nationals understanding that this globalisation was more than just economic. There was something deeply against the christian western Against all spiritual endeavors right and. I think we're saying that. I think you're seeing now in this kind of the ball. Face marxism materialism anti spiritualism of this global elite. Right in in retaliation of how they wanted force are there. Raina terror You're seeing so. I think that very early on i was fortunate enough. You'll my education were at work. The see trends then to be andrew breitbart arguer than andrew passed away. I kinda ran the site. The years was really a big supporter of trump's early on back at thirteen and fourteen. Because i saw him. As a oculus leader there was going to go against traditional controlled opposition republicanism and now in the fight for our lives in the fight for their. It's everything we've been talking about. What a four turney is in a fight for the country but the important things trump is. He is a providential figure he was. I think we only want through the intercession of divine providence. In sixteen

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