Coronavirus Drug Price: Cost May Only Be $1


Is rarely scientists says covert nineteen could be treated for under one dollar. A day i've been telling you for well over a year. I've been doing it. Double blind double blind study. You're ignorant doctors against ivermectin. Ignorant is the charitable exclamation because He doesn't know about so many of the studies that have taken place double blind study and argues. Oh we don't have a double blind study for ivermectin shows. Ivermectin reduces diseases duration and infectiousness. Ivermectin can help reduce the lawn. The length of infection for people who contract corona virus for less than a dollar a day according to recent research by shit chevra for sheba medical center in tel hashomer. Professor elliott schwartz founder of the center for travel medicine in tropical disease at chevra conducted randomized. Control double blinded trial for may fifteenth. Twenty twenty through the end of january twenty twenty one to evaluate the effectiveness of ivermectin and reducing viral shedding among non hospitalized patients with mild to moderate cova. Nineteen ivermectin has been approved by the us fda since nineteen eighty seven. That's thirteen plus twenty. One is thirty four years. It's been it's been approved drugs. Discoverers were awarded the twenty fifteen nobel prize in medicine. I mentioned that last week. So what do you say about that dollar a day my friends. That's why they hate. It doesn't make pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars.

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