Benjamin Franklin Sends a Message to France With His Outfit

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Is sent during the revolution he sent in seventeen seventy six to try and get french aid for the revolution which was desperately needed so he sent with a commission and before when he had got to francis he'd been there before he had dressed as a french gentleman. He writes to friend actually a female friend and says they basically in six days in france or quote him here my taylor and peru ta had transforming into a frenchman. Only what a figure. I make in a little bag and with naked ears. They told me. I was become twenty years. Younger look very gallant. So he's made into a frenchman. But now seventeen seventy six heat goes back at. Something is very different. He's dresses himself deliberately very different to send a message as he says later in a letter actually to another woman friend which is i was gonna say slip in those in there. I just noticed for the first time. He dresses in very plain clothes. Which i suppose would have been typical of a quaker in the period. He just has his own hair down street. And he's wearing a very prominent for hat which i'll bet a lot of people listening have probably in one way or another seen that image because becomes so famous and franklin wrote think how this must appear among the powdered heads of paris. I wish every gentleman and lady in france would only be so obliging is to follow my fashion cone. Their own heads as i do mine. Dismiss their frontiers. There again. kind of hairdresser and pay me half the money. They paid to them so he comes there. As the sort of plane dressed person no frill to his hair and this big for cap on his head and the french obviously notice it. It's meant to be noticed. And they say things like you. The contrast the contrast between as one noble onlooker in france puts it the contrast between the luxury of our capital of the elegance of our fashions the magnificence of versailles and the still brilliant remains of the monarchic bride of louis the fourteenth and the almost rustic apparel the powdered hair. The plane but firm demeanor the free and direct language of the

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