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Number seven deuteronomy fourth quarter two thousand twenty. One john pauleen. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. We are now conducting lessons. Seven law in greece in the courtroom. Deuteronomy dr john. Pauline is our moderator and ashley of the great north will offer our opening prayer heavenly father. We are thankful for this special sabbath day and for the blessings of modern conveniences that allow people from around the world to gather for the sabbath school class. We ask for your blessing on each one of us. In especially upon john pauline as he leads us in this discussion this morning in. Jesus name amen alright. We are in the seventh of a series of lessons on the book of deuteronomy in the old testament and the title of this particular lesson is law and grace and since those terms are not used in deuteronomy. Exactly the way that they're used in paul. For example the lesson starts us in a couple of other places so we will go there right from the start. One in your handout. It says read galatian to twenty one. Which is the memory text for today. I do not nullify. The grace of god for if justification comes through the law then christ died for nothing lord so justification here righteousness does not come through the law. It does not come through works and the question. I would like you to think about. Is what's wrong with works righteousness. Why is that a problem. Don't you think isn't what god wants. Is that we give attention to his instructions. Follow through on that. What's wrong with that with the zinc. Wires paulson negative about works righteousness. One response is selfish motivation. Okay neil couldn't be because of what he had been through prior to meeting christ in how much time he had spent in works instead of business. So you're suggesting maybe what kind of works is a problem. The purpose for the works Okay another chad comment is because it does not address. The real issue iris. I have an aunt that just died a few weeks ago. And you know what to was kind person. He would qualify as a good neighbour and human being the tragedy is. I have no idea where she really stands in her. Walk with god. And when i look at people in europe a lot of people around so good they have no need for god thad good in themselves and i think that's the problem. I think in the spiritual realm we cannot really come to god in our own righteousness in our own goodness than we have. No need for him. And that's the opportunity of broken nece when we realize our broken this we realize our need for him and we come to appreciate him for who he is because we are loved and accepted not reject it or works. Righteousness it's interesting. I guess you wouldn't use those terms for secular people but it is possible to be a good person to do the right things and yet have no connection with god and slightly different direction. Daniel shares with us the problem with works righteousness as a means of achieving status position or standing with god cola. It's the focus on yourself. Instead of ungodly and in our whole healing and redemption is on relationship.

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