Dolphin's Coach Brian Flores: We Want Players With 'High Character' on the Team


Is from a threat over the weekend from charles robinson who said sources telling yahoo sports. The dolphins have emerged as the front runner in trade. Discussions with texans quarterback shawn watson. The texans are seeking three first round picks in two second round picks in negotiations according to a team that dropped out of the trade talks robinson saying sources the panthers broncos and eagles also in some element of trade considerations. Watson's contractual right to approve. The trade destination was signed off on by a houston ownership in his last extension has weighed heavily in the trade opportunities. Sources said that teams have angled for pick protections in any trade to mitigate a potential nfl suspension or criminal prosecution tied to ongoing investigations by the fbi harris county prosecutor and houston pd into sexual assault allegations from multiple women. Now this tweet is in direct retaliation or a result of what was said publicly by the dolphins and brian florez when he was asked yesterday about the trade speculation for dishonor watson and brian. Flora's said quote that they are only interested in high character. players floors. Didn't specifically talk about watson but discuss the dolphins philosophy and acquiring players who need a fresh start. Flora's said quote. There are a lot of things way when we're making decisions fit on the team overall talent salary cap when we're talking about a player or players were always trying to do. What's best for the miami dolphins. There are a lot of variables we want. We want a group that is tough. Smart competitive loves to play in his team. I those other types of guys we're looking for. We have a high standard for the people we have in the organization. We want people with high character throughout the building.

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