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Your host and resident bible scholar on bob lynch aaron men episodes or mostly looking backwards favorite over. Satan is an episode devoted to looking to the present and future as we consider current events for the religious lens to decide if they are favored or forsaken. Joining me on this faith. Based attorney jamie golden max mccoy guys. How're you doing. Are you feeling personally favored over sekine. Today i'm feeling pretty favored to be. This has nothing to do with anything. But we've got a fence finally put in at the new house and that's helpful because Our dog right. She won't she stubborn. And i don't know if you guys are big bassett heads if you know about bath house. Or anything. don't enlighten us. Look i will let me just bassus funding for a second. There is not a caller. They can wear that will allow you to be the alpha in the leash relationship because their skin is so quick. Sandy that it'll just pull right off so streuli she's been the alpha in all the. Hey you need to go outside. go to the bathroom. She goes she comes and goes when she wants you. Yes another we've offense. We used to be like go outside and just figured out and live your life. So i'm feelin funny really good right now. That's so great about you. I'm feeling good. I'm feeling good. Yeah i'm hoping it will cool off soon. I don't know. I think that it's timber in alabama and so it's not that i like somehow when i see people on the internet who are like i'm in a turtleneck and i'm drinking a hot coffee who me too soon right. Yeah me too into after halloween. That's when weekdays i know and you'd think that after forty five years but i still always have the type of like maybe climate change mean. It's clo- cold i. The world scientists were like that was the hottest summer ever had. Don't know why but it just was now in fall will come early and listen. I am not inviting a cold. Like a cold spell like texas adware. They can't function in the universe. I don't want that. But i i you know just tend to. I'm asking for ten degrees thread. That temperature needle hurries breeze. Got right on a breeze will yet. You know one of the one of the ways i can know that there's a new season coming up is walk into my local hobby lobby and see like all the christmas decor as official transition beautiful. You eat at the. The halloween decorations cannot make the beloved. But i know like in six months. It will be halloween and that's a long enough time line. So that's what we're gonna be talking about hobby lobby today which is interesting because It's not one of those typical Favorite topics that you would think we were talking about. But actually when you dive into it a little bit. There's limit more controversy. There's more color and texture to the whole experience. So jamie before we start to Talk the particulars. Would you like to explain. What exactly is high before listeners. You'll like. I don't know what this is well. I think there are a lot of listeners. Who don't know because they live in other countries or they live in one of the four states that doesn't have a hobby lobby So hobby lobby is an arts and crafts retail. Chain in america has more than nine hundred stores and it has forty-three thousand employees. So it started in nineteen seventy a cute little couple. David and barbara green. They out a six hundred dollar loan from a bank to begin making miniature picture frames in their house and that grew in two years to a three hundred square foot retail store in oklahoma city and hobby lobby was born now. Hobby lobby has on their website. They have four core values. Which i find different than the pm g. Core values have a good time but it's similar in many ways so the first is obviously honor the lord all they do you by operating the company in a manner consistent with biblical principles second offer exceptional selection in value to our customers serve our employees and their families by establishing a work environment and policies that build character strengthen individuals and nurture families find fact There fulltime hourly rate. Wage has been fifteen dollars an hour since twenty fourteen and it just went seventeen dollars. An hour They fourth value is to provide a return on the family investment. I ask you didn't see i saw this. This was breaking news that they just admitted their fifth. One is only have one checkout lane open at any time. We'll get to that in the first. And so they they donate fifty percent of their profits to to particularly five five zero one. C three non tour about sharing the gospel across the world and bible distribution two children. One is oral roberts university literally. They got them out of bankruptcy. They paid seventy million donated seventy million. Oh it's a christian college in tulsa oklahoma and then they give to To the museum of the bible which opened a night at twenty seventeen in dc which they funded and then they are the Sponsor of you've version bible app. Which is the most downloaded bible app of all time created by life church in oklahoma they have sponsored the entire absence. Twenty twelve there. A one of the top one hundred largest private companies reported by forbes and their annual revenue forbes reports their annual revenue being a little over five billion dollars dollars. You guys dollar dollar. And listen or roberts was the place. I think i've told you all this. For where my grandma. When i was born prophesied that i would go to robertson. We've become a famous preacher And that didn't work out so you went to lee. Which is a jas when you decide like can you can you like. Was it just like. Hey i'm gonna talk at this baby or was it like like. She went like full oracle from the matrix like a little bit of both lily in the middle. It wasn't quite on the high end. Wasn't just like wouldn't it be weird if this happened.

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