Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Beat Dallas Cowboys in Season Opener

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The nfl season opener. Last night brady threw four touchdown passes three hundred seventy nine yards and led the tampa. Bay buccaneers game winning drive to beat the dallas cowboys. Thirty one twenty nine last night in tampa bay jimmy fallon put last night's matchup in perspective. The buccaneers are trying to win their second straight super bowl and tom. Brady's eighth after that brady will have to make a bold choice whether or not to become a summering guy who's a big match of dallas. I'm tampa bay in texas versus florida fans from both teams. Were looking at each other. Like thank god. We don't live there. Cowboy's quarterback dak prescott was marvelous as well over four hundred yards in his return from a nasty ankle injury so showed no signs. He was fearless. He was great as the 2021. Nfl season kicked off with a terrific game and yet another winning performance by the tampa bay quarterback tom

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