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This is K f e. M. 6 40. I'm Amy King live from the campsite. 24 hour newsroom Americans across the nation are marking the 20th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks. T s a agents at Boston Logan International Airport, where two of the hijacked planes took off from paused the screening of passengers at 8 46 this morning to remember the lives lost L. A County Sheriff's department detectives are looking for the person who shot and killed a 20 year old man in Compton. Deputies found the men shot several times around three this morning at Gateway driving Greenleaf Boulevard. Governor, Newsom is voted to keep himself in office. Newsome cast his ballot yesterday at an early voting centre in Sacramento the last day to vote to keep or recall Newsom is Tuesday. At least a third of ballots mailed out have already been returned. Still cleared in Calabasas on the one the one that's southbound Parkway, Calabasas. It was in the second lane and the From the left. Looks like it's off the freeway. Now, traffic is slow from last Hills Road as it recovers Hollywood on the one Oh one North Bong at Sunset Boulevard. There's a big rig crash that's along the right shoulder, but it's causing some lucky Lou traffic from Western Avenue. And the Costa Mesa on the 55 north to work zone there has the carpool and left lane closed off until one p.m. that's in between the 73 MacArthur Boulevard. You're seeing delays from Newport Boulevard. KF in the sky helps get you there faster on Pedro Moreno contractor to celebrate State farm. Surprisingly great rates we gave this on. Surprisingly great leaders love that bait of manual

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