White House Cuts off Audio Feed Before Biden's Response to Reporter on Afghanistan Question


What a nightmare. This nightmare is getting worse. It's getting worse. We don't negotiate with terrorists. Except when they take over a country then we negotiate with terrorists. That's literally the white house position. We'll negotiate with terrorists when they take over a country because they are li are literally negotiating with the taliban and capitulating to the taliban we're surrendering newt gingrich's right we're surrendering to the taliban. This is america under joe biden in two thousand twenty one. It's so bad for joe biden. He gets his mike cutoff. Apparently when he's asked about americans trapped in afghanistan. This is extraordinary. If you're watching the show today as we livestream and it. Mike online dot com. It's a good day to to watch the stream as as you listen on this great station because biden can't stop himself from smirking. What's funny about americans trapped in afghanistan. Evidently the commander in chief was thinking about. I don't know maybe the early bird special daddy's tonight hear that mike. The that was the might be turned off they. They pulled the cord as he's sitting there smirking as people are. The reporters said mr president if americans are still in afghanistan after the deadline. What will you do sir. What will you do if americans are still there after the deadline biden smirks and then the audio gets cut off.

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