Judge Shields Some Texas Abortion Clinics From Group's Suits


Abortion clinics temporarily shielded from being sued by the state's largest anti abortion group under a new bat rule banning most abortions. But Washington is paying attention to other Republican led states considers similar laws that allow third parties to sue people suspected of aiding abortions. Massachusetts Democratic Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley. Just because there's a ban on abortion doesn't mean that abortions will stop happening. It means that there will not be access to safe and legal abortions for our most vulnerable and at the White House very unusual mechanisms in this law that let one neighbor Sue, another neighbor was top of mind for the president. He described that as a vigilante system and said it was almost on American. The White House said that they are looking for ways of the federal government can respond to the law and ensure that all women have access to safe and legal abortion. But still, the White House has not yet laid out any specific next steps. A B C's Mary Alice Parks, the

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