Iron Maiden Find Eastern Muse


This is iron maiden the new album is called. Sent jitsu this is the song days of future past and here to talk about what is An absolutely epic album from iron maiden his npr music. Lar- scotch which. I have two full disclosure. I was listening to iron maiden maybe forty years ago and they've been together longer than that you know and if you told me we'd still be talking about new music from them this far along. I probably wouldn't have believed that like you said. Listen to that rift guitars on this. The songs their vision. Everything i think our i. It's just all fully intact seventeenth album in forty six years from one of the greatest heavy metal bands full time. That's not hyperbole. it's a fact. Album is ten tracks over eighty two minutes so it is long and at times help lead but this has been iron maidens mode lately these grand sweeping epochs that tell these larger than life stories are made may arenas but their music lightly has been more tailored to concert halls. Most of these songs are like eight ten minutes long. Each vase sprawl had many movements. I can. I can imagine like quite a stage. Production for whenever iron maiden contura gone. They do use a lotta runway to get these songs going but but it works. So i think it's still pulls you along. I never found myself feeling tired or like the sound was getting tired. And there's also an assist something has been doing a little bit more lately but there's also a little bit nostalgia. My favorite song written here by the basis. Steve harris is called the parchment. But it's a song that gnaws to the egyptian themes of iron mates nineteen eighty four album power slave. So that's like a nice. It's a nice little easter egg for iron maiden fans and also kind of ties into kind of like a broader idea about iron maiden that history mythology and religion have always played the matic roles in their

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