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A special edition of the Sean Hannity Show America Trapped Behind Enemy Lines Day number. 13 T. Hauer to Sean Hannity show 809 41 Sean, if you want to be a part of the program If you missed my interview with Donald Trump last night, it is worth listening to. Especially compared to the incoherent, mumbling, bumbling stumbling, You know, whatever. That was presser yesterday. Of Joe Biden here is that interview in full well, it's so sad. It's probably from the standpoint of military tactics and just embarrassment. The most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to our country. We look like fools all over the world. We're weak. We're pathetic. We're being led by people that have no idea what they're doing. They take the military out. And then they say, Now we'll bring out the people and all of a sudden the Taliban walks in. We had the Taliban so under control. They wouldn't have moved without getting our approval. We had an incredible agreement. They weren't killing our soldiers. You know that, and it was part of it. In fact, Biden actually said that today, he said they weren't killing them because of the agreement that We had that we did, and they hadn't killed one of our soldiers in many, many, many months and they weren't going to because they were afraid to, and we had them totally in control. All of a sudden, Biden administration takes over and they say we're taking the military out. They didn't take say they're taking the people. First. You take the people out, and then you take the equipment that we left $80 billion worth of equipment and I want to tell you. I think our soldiers beginning about even civilians, I think our soldiers are in tremendous danger. I think airplanes flying in and out of the airport are in tremendous danger. They have the best equipment, Best rockets, the breast tanks and helicopters, Apache helicopters, a lot of them that are immensely valuable. And by the way, Russia wants him because they want to examine them because we have far superior technology and China. Was a dumbest move anybody's ever made, perhaps in the history of our country, allowing this to happen, taking the military out and then say, Oh, we hope to get the people out. And then when I hear General Mackenzie say that the Taliban is going to protect us to Talibans, the enemy I dealt with the leader of the Taliban is this is not this is not a very simple man. This is not a boy scout to put it another way. This is it tough. Hardened person That's been fighting us for many years, and we're using them now to protect us. And look what happened with their protection 100 people, much more. They say that 100 people were killed and 13 of our incredible military were killed. And that's just the beginning because there are many of our military in the hospital right now. Very badly wounded and hurt, Mr President. Let me ask you and get your reaction to President Biden's pressure today, where he is sticking to this artificial deadline. And and clearly accepting, and acknowledging that the idea that Americans will be left behind and the allies that they now have the database. They even handed over a list of people that we wanted to get through to the airport that those people will be left behind. When promises were made Not necessarily we where we take them, but we get them the hell out of there pretty much a death sentence for all of them. The Taliban's already been going door to door. We have reports of it. What is your reaction to sticking to this artificial deadline and your reaction to the idea of accepting a notion that we leave Americans behind? So they gave this list of Americans to the Taliban? Who we've been fighting for many, many years, and they're tough fighters. They're good fighters, but now they can be much better because they have the best equipment in the world. And so much of it. They don't know what to do. They'll be selling it. The open market, But we gave that to these people and Isis X. As you know, I knocked out 100% of the Isis caliphate knocked it out in Syria, Iraq. We knocked it out so that have a new Isis called Isis X, and that's members of the Taliban that are Far more vicious because they don't like the way the Taliban's behaving because they're not vicious enough. So this is Taliban fighters that are much more vicious, and we're using the Taliban and giving lists of Americans to the Taliban. So now you just knock on the door and grab him and take him out. This country has never seen stupidity like this and our country is really in trouble. Our country is really in trouble, and it's only going to get worse. What you're watching now is only going to get Worse. It can only go one way. We had something where they didn't get near us. They were petrified of us. I let them know that if they do anything, we hit him right where it hurts, which is their homes and they know it and they were waiting for us. They would have been very happy to let us go and take every American and anybody else. We want to take our equipment. And for some reason he botched the planet took to military out first. Now it's a very sad day for our country and a great embarrassment beyond embarrassment. It's a very dangerous day for our country. Mr President. Let me go because Joe Biden brought it up in his exchange with Peter our own Peter Doocy today and that is that he inherited your plan and I want to go over it because I had both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, also former CIA director. And I had your chief of staff Mark Meadows on my radio show. They both been on this television show, and they went into great detail about what your plan was. And maybe the Biden administration Democrats love to release transcripts of calls. I would love this one to be released that in no uncertain terms, not once but on numerous occasions, but before any negotiation began. That you got on the phone with the leader of the Taliban, and you made it as clear as day. You reminded him about killing Baghdadi and his associates and reminded him about killing Soleimani. And you reminded him about the caliphate that you destroyed. You reminded him about killing the Al Qaeda leader in Yemen and that you said that if they didn't follow, these are their words. Every eye every T crossed every I dotted every comma and period that you would obliterate them and use every means available to you, too. Do that, And you brought this up at the beginning and numerous times throughout the process. Also that your deal was conditions on the ground based and it included you keeping control of program Air Force Base. Can you tell us first about the call and then the deal? Well, it was a tough call, and it started out by saying that they will be hit harder than any country has ever been hit in the history of the world. If they do anything, and in particular, kill our soldiers or even try to kill our soldiers. And even Biden admitted today that the reason they didn't kill any soldiers, and we haven't lost soldiers in many, many months because of the agreement that we said because I wanted to get out. I wish we never went in. The biggest mistake we made in the history of our country was going into the Middle East. I call it quick said and we went into the Middle East and we shouldn't have been there. We blew it to pieces, and now we Leaving and because of what they're doing. We're leaving in disgrace. We could have left with great dignity We could have left with safety. We could have taken everybody with us that we wanted all of the great American citizens and people that helped us whether it's interpreters or others. But we could have taken him out very easily. And we wouldn't have had a rush. Because the Taliban was not going anywhere. We had them totally under control.

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