Voting Rights and D.C. Statehood Lead 58th Anniversary of March on Washington


Of the march on Washington. Voting rights activists from across the country gathering downtown to mark the occasion with another March and rally. This year's event is called the March on for Washington with the March in D. C aimed at raising support for a new federal voting rights law as well as D C. Statehood, But Piper D C. Statehood. It's certainly a fight for voting rights, and that's why this march is so vital. Jamal holds his elite organizer for 51 for 51, which advocates for D. C. Statehood were not just marching. All Washington were also march of poor Washington. The event begins at eight a.m. downtown. With a walk from McPherson Square to Black Lives Matter Plaza were March off around 9 45 10. O'clock will land at the National Mall. Speakers on the mall include Martin Luther King, the third D. C. Mayor, Muriel Bowser and a litany of Democratic lawmakers and others. John Doman w T.

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