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Need somebody to pay attention to my business. This is not the first time she offered me a job. Little by little. She just worked her way in and everything that she needed. She started taking over everything. And I think after why she was even doing her books, her bank accounts, everything. You ever get a bad feeling from her? Yes. Because I knew she didn't like me. She didn't only being around Selena. I saw Yolanda running after her, but I didn't thought it was Selena until she was in the floor. Yolanda. She's just like like ignored, like if nothing had happened. She turned around. She went back into the room, and she was at all standing in the room, just swinging the gun sitting there. We heard across the radios, the police radios and scanners. There was something that came across that Selena had been shot. At a hotel in Corpus Christi since the trial, Yolanda's done jailhouse interview. She's made a lot of claims She has some secret. Oh, it's manipulation. Selena, a star dies in Texas Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I. Heart radio app number one for music, radio and podcasts, all

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