Steelers Acquiring CB Ahkello Witherspoon From Seahawks


The pittsburgh. Steelers acquired a cello witherspoon who was drafted by the san francisco. Forty niners spent four years with san francisco. The seattle seahawks obtained in prior to the twenty twenty one season in the steelers sent a fifth round draft. Pick to seattle for witherspoon. Okay this is another one of those moments where the steelers fan base is already reeling a little bit. they're frustrated. There's not j. watt contract. All of a sudden steph onto it zach banner anthony macfarlane gone injured reserve which means they are missing games one two and three no matter what then the steelers pull off a trade in. You probably saw breaking news trade alert the steelers make a trade for cornerback in. You're thinking okay here we go. Let's do this. And it's a keller witherspoon if you're like me and i'm being honest i'm always honest with you. That's why. I hope that. I can connect with you as my listeners. My reaction was who the heck is this guy. I never heard of this guy now. Granted i'm not a draft. Nick i did get into this draft in the twenty twenty one draft i was i studied. More prospects did more breakdowns. And i've ever had in my entire life. Mope witherspoon was drafted back in two thousand seventeen. So i definitely was not doing all that digging back then nonetheless you learn a little bit about the player after you get to know him in after the trade was announced as official by the steelers. Now you're looking at okay. What is this guy brain to the team. Well when we find out. And this is from people like jeffrey benedict. When people like kevin smith who find out that he's a an typically an outside cornerback. He's not a physical has good ball skills. Good size six to everyone always talks about. Oh you can't have a cornerback. That's under six foot. He sticks to ran a four five forty. I believe four or five. Maybe it was right around there.

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