Los Angeles Lakers Could Fill out Roster With DeAndre Jordan


Just give us a little on. What you think's going to happen with andre jordan was traded to the pistons. Everybody's yeah he's going to be out and that means he's going to be the next guy that the lakers will go get what do you say i think he is I think they're the most likely team to get him But there's just. I never say never with bio guys even because this is kind of been the rumor for three or four weeks at this point That this happened in brooklyn and it was just a matter of were they going to do the bio for him was he going to have to be traded. I if it say brooklyn a whole lot of money the fact that they they just save millions of dollars on their luxury tax bill by doing it this way. Also nicer de'andre like deandra got that because he was part of the kevin durant kyrie irving initial big three in in brooklyn and he was just. He's friends with all those guys. They played on team usa together and he was essential for them in signing with the nets. A little while back and it was a him signing that he gets paid twenty million a year that is not his market value. They overpaid for him. In the beginning as part of a like a sign let sign kevin durant and kyrie irving and it was you know finally worked out that way but at some point you make so much money and your they have a lot of guys at that position but they you know straight into detroit. They they They're going to do a buy out. He's going to give back a little bit of money. Detroit gets four second round out of it so they get something And also some other some other complicated salary cap things but we all thought lamarcus aldridge was going to miami. Last year on the market he ended up going to brooklyn so until he clears. Waivers and intel other teams have a chance to approach the andre. I wouldn't i wouldn't say it's likely or expected or anything like that. I would use much more. Vague words. you know. He fits with the lakers. He would fit in that role. I think would have a pretty well defined role and if you're on the buyout market and you're gonna sign for minimum like that's what you're looking for is someplace you can play.

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