California Bill Targets Fast-Paced Working Conditions at Warehouses


Lawmakers are weighing the first legislation of its kind. Which could give warehouse workers new power to fight speed quotas. Npr's alina seljuk reports. Hurry hurry hurry send you about. Eta says that's how it felt when she worked at an amazon warehouse in southern california. All you see people bending down scanning every individual items getting to screening individual items scanning to wayne it out having to run to the other side put it in the conveyor and start over again. She rotated through several jobs for ten hours a day. she would bend twist reach scan. Unwrap re wrap hoping to hit two hundred items. Our i rarely ever saw anyone to use the restroom or less you know. They talked to some morley. Do mind scanning this item like every three minutes just so might time off. Task doesn't accumulate cover for time off. Task is carefully watched by amazon. The company says it's to make sure all technology is in working order but also to identify underperforming workers too much time off task over time and the algorithm can flag you as a slacker and get you fired some workers leg bharata who is now an organizer with a warehouse. Workers resource center have argued that the pace of work is unhealthy unsustainable. That's what prompted new legislation by california assemblywoman laurenti gonzalez were absolutely targeting. The practices of amazon that are being picked up quite frankly by other retailers the legislation. Ab seven one is a rare bill to specifically target large warehouses. It's complex but has two key themes the main one says productivity quotas cannot come at the expense of health and safety. If they do the bill would give workers more legal power to fight them. The second is transparency giving workers the representatives and government officials more access to detailed records of quotas and workers actual rates. What we know is that amazon workers get hurt. Twelve times as often as other warehouse

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