The Beginnings of the Philadelphia Black Mafia With Former Police Officer Sean Griffin

Gangland Wire


African american people have notoriously been kept squeezed out from those kinds of things. We've got all kinds of reports red line. you can't get loans. There's just a lot of ways that african americans been squeezed down and a made drugs came along and boy. These owes young geyser being squeezed out. They saw a way to make money and make big mma to do any kind of crime on organiz basis like that you got a former organization is always usually ends up with the title. Mafia hit less cabot general term. Even though it's really sessaion in nature. But what's russians russian mob russian mafia. He get the black mafia. So how did that develop their in Philadel- well is most major. Cities had a lack of remorse. Lady hurts because they didn't have offices the banking. It met that. I find mulcher series source of pines in so long numbers. One is especially atms. Rows road bags for neighbors now is all throughout the country. We had one in kansas city. Guy named peyton. He was the banker and he had the policy and he had several bars and he was active in politics and he joined with the irish organization to help get the vote out actually converted all the african americans from republican because they all rebublican before because lincoln won the war at a dow. He turned him all the democrats to go with machine. So i bet you got the same thing in this country. I mean w registering ninety nine. Buffy negro now obviously it's not it's a microcosm of what was going on about such what he called rove ice and that's the influence of those people in that neighbor in those neighborhoods and they heading rented power. Forget it was a patriot. Serves no different than the irish who police and firefighter. You trash hold jobs. This is really not complicated. But it's complicated. Because the media academics ever talked about the so no already getting back to your phillies. Black mafia it. We don't know when it started wisdom. The common theme was they started in the mid sixties. I always the foot only. Because when i started my research in the nineties about outfits i was lucky i have the benefit of twenty years of hindsight sarai. Now new flu group was supposed to look like a new bieber. Were slack ago. Records law intelligence violence and newspaper active. And what you wind up seeing where clusters of these guys being arrested together so they will each other for years. Whether that was organized crime racket the matter of honest we get to the mid sixties. There are actually calling themselves. The black

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