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New york woman who went missing on a road trip with her fiance. They were travelling and gabby potatoes van last month. Police were called after a witness saw them getting into a physical altercation and police report in utah shows them being separated for the night. Apparently she texted her mom. Two weeks later her fiance. Brian laundry came home without her. Hasn't given up any information and is said to be a person of interest in the case for the first time in history. Private citizens are orbiting the earth without any professional astronauts to help them. And it's being headed by billionaire pilot from new jersey face that launched a crew of four last night from florida. They'll circle the planet fifteen times a day at about three hundred sixty miles above the earth which is higher than the hubble telescope and the international space station. They're expected to return back to earth. Saturday and the mission is being recorded for netflix documentary. That

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