A highlight from Congressman Bill Keating On Afghanistan And Infrastructure

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This is radio boston. I'm john daring and we will begin today with our massachusetts congressional delegation on top of the mind this week accountability on the administration's rushed exit from afghanistan and the implications of that plus the ongoing push and pull on infrastructure as to massive bills hanging in the balance under just one of those bills. The smaller one trillion dollar. Bipartisan effort massachusetts stands to gain some eight billion dollars in spending for roads. Bridges transit for more on the wrangling in washington. We turn to congressman bill keating he represents the massachusetts ninth congressional district south shore south coast cape in the islands. He also serves on the house committee on foreign affairs and the house armed services committee. We spoke with him a little earlier this afternoon. And we began with the testimony of secretary of state. Antony blinken before congress on afghanistan and weather congressman keating was satisfied with lincoln's explanations for the messy deadly withdrawal. Well i was satisfied with his answers. I thought they were very direct clearly. He wasn't satisfied with all aspects itsel so the you know the acknowledgement that And the they have to cooperate and they willingness to them to cooperate now oversight function I was pleased when that's the case That's the most important thing to me. I didn't get any sense that they weren't going to be forthright. They weren't gonna share information. Some of it had to be done in a classified setting as you could understand. So that's the testimony. Now let's talk about the withdrawal itself. Do you have a great for the administration on that. And i don't need to be crass by asking for a grade. But i do wanna get a sense for how you evaluate the withdrawn and whether we should have been doing it in such a quick manner well overall the grade would have to be incomplete as long as there are people that we want to get out of there that are not of their time grading premature the actual the hearing reinforcement of the things. We were briefed on many things that occurred. We were briefed on ahead of time. we were told about the challenges. We were told about some of the difficulties. Classified briefing we told about Indeed not just the likelihood but the high probability that indeed there would be terrorist attack during the process how dangerous that was All those things are communicated to us. You know the issues that were brought up In terms of bagram airport closing at why that was done. I think presented the hobson's choices that this administration were left. We're left with the number of military personnel. There was too small to support the security around that. I think importantly people realize that we moved so many of our military out of their prior to people saw with no one being harmed a massive effort. We moved a military assets out we destroyed others remained others incapacitated but the last analysis heavy to move quickly was a result of the negotiated agreement.

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