A highlight from Candyman, Free Guy and Coda | August 2021 Movie Reviews


You guy and candyman and i'm only the one lasts anyway one the one anyway a a we're we're back. We're back in the movie theater area. You have your popcorn. you're soda. Be quiet the movies about to start. i'll talk to you about P people i wanted to shush. I feel like somebody once told me that. There's a theory it's a really good example of finding out. Which one of the are you a sugar or a sushi right. You can't be both you can't vote now. Both actually i might be both both actually or are you like cher cher like you say. Shh shh very few people as they should but they're out there. I am so passive aggressive that the people were talking behind me at the movies. I i would say something. I would go. Oh come on use it passive aggressive that you're going to say you do the look like people turn around and just and expect to be enough like that's that's move one yet and then moved to his outcome on like as soon as i say something and then and then moved three to the full shosh man. Yeah i've i've i've been in the room or in the theater rather were where it got real heated like it was like it was like zero to a hundred. It was literally like shut the f. up like yelled so loudly i mean my best friend just like burst out. Laughing was so funny people who know me will know that i. I love rules so so much. My mom is a is a principal was retired. Principal relate heavily on the there are rules. They're like when you're in a movie theater. There are rules that we all agreed to to come to this movie and one of them is that you need to be quiet your seat. That's one of the things i love about. Alamo draft house chain is that they will let zero tolerance policy. And they'll give you and you can anonymously report people. So i think part of the thing is if you if you get up till i go and then somebody comes back and they take you away like everyone knows who did it because you got on anonymous but no no. I'm saying but there you can. You can put up like a card whereas you would like putting her order for a drink or like oh food and you can also report people on that same card so you're just like hiding in plain sight and they will give you one morning and then they will kick you out. They already had this campaign where like they played a real voice mail of a girl who had gotten kicked out and complaining and they played at the beginning of a movie. Like tone my that they would do i. I've never seen myself as karen. Except when i'm in a movie and then i'm like i need to get the manager. Just call me. Karen but only at the movie theater the movies you can call me can't because i will. Do you wear sunglasses indoors to to work in the movies so the movie they always have such bad quality. Big sunglasses Dark we're back area. We're talking about movies. Came out in august so excited it's crazy. It's it's like end of the summer almost so it's like you know it's got a we. Nobody wants to hear that. Now dobruna turning this off No it's exciting. The seasons are going to change soon. And we gotta get the last of the summer movies. Yeah we have. There's we're talking about some blockbusters. I think is a very weird movie. Calendar year in terms of. Like when the blockbusters come normally they're like late june or early july but because of all the kobe restrictions. I feel like a lot of places. Push their Their movies so we're talking about free guy and coda which is a streaming movie on apple. Tv plus and candyman which. I'm very excited about. Yeah special guest. we talk. But it's not the handyman. If we say candyman five times you've already said it like the guests will show up so we just have to be careful how many more times we say the name of the movie Shanxi another one that came out in august.

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