A highlight from Episode 210 - Ed Robertson


Once again to so jacker on songwriting. This is simon joins us epa by brian and with us for episode. Two hundred. ten is a canadian singer. And some writer not to mention co founder and from man of one of canada's most beloved bonds bare naked ladies in a three decade plus career. They've sold fifty million records. Worldwide scored multiple hit singles. One eight juno awards and in two thousand eighteen were inducted into the canadian music hall of fame. They even have a ben and jerry's cream flavor named after them which is surely the holy grail for any artist in mid july. Twenty twenty one. The band released their thirteenth studio album and seventeenth overall. I think it's detailed the false and it's another fine entry in their own impeachable candidate. We are very happy. To welcome the brilliant. Ed robertson of ben a hit ladies to the show. Ed was born in scarborough ontario. In one thousand nine hundred seventy eight. The youngest of five kids a smart child by all accounts was entered into the gifted program. Churchill heights public school where he remained until the end of highschool. These future bandmate. Steven page was in that program. I think a year ahead of that's right. Yeah and they didn't get to know each other until a few years later when they met by chance at a restaurant. Yeah legend has it. They bonded virus shared loaf of peter. Gabriel a solid basis for any friendship. Yep ed's parents played love country music at home and he got into rock music virus older brothers especially fellow. Canadian heavyweights rush. Who are also his first concert when he was ten. Yeah i think he cites their live album exit stage left as the record that made them want to be in a band. He took up big. It's all while school played in a number of high school buns as well as join in the school orchestra singing in the choir. Guest co founded. Ben naked ladies with steven page in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight originally an acoustic gop. They came up with the name prior to a charity gig. They were booked to play in toronto. They continued to ply their trade at college. Campuses and as the warm up act for comedy shows which was where they began incorporating comic exchanges into the stage patterson hold audience's attention haven't expanded the lineup which now included basis jim krieg and they made their record debut with the self titled cassette release in one thousand nine hundred. This brought them to the attention of major labels and they eventually signed with sya slash reprieve releasing debut album gordon in nineteen nine hundred to the record sold well and spawned evergreen songs like brian wilson. If i had a million dollars. I'm be my yoko ono already. Well established in the native land. Their fourth album nine hundred ninety eight stunts propelled by the colossal hit. Single one week made them international stars selling over four million copies. They continue their excellence. What since that the twenty first century with albums like the classic maroon in two thousand everything to everyone in two thousand and three and their first independent release. Two thousand six ben ladies on me in two thousand seven the bomber approach by tv rights as chuck. Laurie and bill pradeep to write the theme song for their new. Sitcom at julia. Obliged showing question the big bang theory when onto due rav well running for twelve years and become one of the most watch tv series of all time following steven page's departure in early two thousand and nine ben naked ladies on their own label

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