Where Juvenile Detention Looks More Like Teens Hanging Out

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A group of about three dozen excited teenagers listening to an announcement by apache county judge. Michael lethem this'll be something that'll be here for decades and you've got so it's early fall. Twenty seventeen in. This is the grand opening of saint. John's first center dedicated to teams. Letham is introducing. the people will be running it. Victor more news here pretty much every day as well as victor in polar smiling facing the energetic teens their probation officers in other words they work for the county but they dress in civilian year t shirts jeans baseball caps because they've been tapped by judge leith them to run this new facility the loft legacy teen center. It's a county run resource and activity center in the small town where kids often can't find much to do or people to talk to. It was like right at the end of my freshman year into the summer of my freshman year. I heard about it. I was like. Oh that's cool. I didn't think anything of it. I didn't think it would be this. Cool hannah wilkinson was there and then i walked. Tv's there's pool table. There's all this cool stuff for kids to do and it was really exciting.

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