A highlight from The Unwritten Rules of Black TV

The Experiment


Hadn't been replaced by new ones in the question. Hana and many of us viewers were left with was why shows by black readers had been made for decades by that point before the nineties. We had shows like the cosby show a different world before that the jeffersons so why did black shows seem to suddenly disappear for about a decade and that question feels especially puzzling right now because black. Tv is all of a sudden back. People talk about this moment. Where as a kind of golden age for black television in the streaming age after the racial reckoning of the last year black creators are finding new opportunities again so now as a critic and journalist hana set out to figure out what happened over the last fifty years of black. tv history. what went on in those writers rooms. How did the show. She loved as a kid get made in the first place. And why did they disappear in those dark agents are so. I talked to dozens of writers who had been in a bunch of those rooms and who had seen how all this has unfolded and evolved over the last several decades and one of the people i spoke with whose experience on multiple different fronts really stayed with me and really struck me was. Susan fails hell. There is an actual entertainment industry history. I i've actually seen unbelievable mission. Susan fails hill was a writer who got her start on the cosby show. Her mom worked in the industry for decades before that and susan still working in the industry. Today she's someone who's able to kind of tell the whole story of the history of black. Tv because she wasn't just there on one show or writer's room. It really seemed like for the entire kind of fifty years of tv. That i was interested in. She was there in that history somehow and could speak to the power dynamics at play the peaks valleys and all of that

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