Prof. Leanne Redman Explains Intergenerational Transmission of Obesity


Leeann redman. Thank you so much for joining me. On the podcast. I've got a lot. I wanted to ask you about. And you've published in a number of different areas. That i find fascinating and i suppose one of these was intersections of event diagram of some of that work is talking about this intergenerational transmission of obesity carlights with maternal diets. And so on by just off. Maybe the introduce people to the topic before we get into any specifics. Can you explain the term Intergenerational transmission of obesity and then what how that relates to your wider work and focus. Yes this is a really. I love this area of study. Because you know the big idea here. Is that obesity has really early origins. In the life of a person and that we inherit out some kind of risk for obesity and other chronic diseases in utero. And we inherit actually morris prom genetic origins which of course would be from appearance. So it's this idea right that we we obtain disease risk from two parents and even as far back grandparents. Now we know that that have some level of responsibility in this cascade as well but lay it on top of that The exposures during pregnancy as well which brings up the maternal diet that you just mentioned invoking even a greater risk for people from the time that they warn.

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