Is the AI Market Saturated?

Eye On A.I.


My first question is is the market saturated and without picking winners. What products us rising to the top. Good that you're asking this question right now in general timing of the world because here we are for those who are listening to podcast. August the twenty twenty. One people might be listening to this year from now. So this'll all seem really quaint. To those in the future but the markets actually in the midst of consolidation. Saying we're actually starting to see a lot of acquisition activity and we do track over one hundred vendors and machine learning platform space about seventy two of which meet the minimum threshold of viability. There's lots of startups in the space. We love startups. We have an affinity for companies of all sizes but when we're looking at companies who are buying products and services we tend to look at those companies that have either at least ten customers or have at least ten million in revenue or at least ten million dollars in venture capital they if they have like to customers and no venture funding raised in a little bit of revenue than. We're like just grow little bit more a little bit more. So this is about seventy two companies. At least that are in that that john rao of course all the cloud vendors are in that space. The major cloud vendors microsoft. Ibm google amazon And a few others. So those were recalled the cloud sas machine learning as a service vendors basically and then there's a whole other category of pure play machine learning platform vendor so you may be familiar data robot or did i do in that space a bunch of others that are kind of trying to pull together all the components of what's required to put machine learning and advanced analytics solutions into play and increasingly. What they're doing is they're growing through Both building out their product suites and through acquisitions so she did robots but on a tear lately did i. Two as well as been been really growing raise very significant round recently but the answer is that this market is actually starting to

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