How Long Can the Jan. 6 Capitol Rioters Be Locked Up for Trespassing?


What's worse january. Six or stranding americans intentionally in afghanistan. What's worse if you're if you're one of those you know hyperventilating about january six and you think those people on a rotten jail for the rest of their lives and seriously. How long are you supposed to be locked up for trespassing. How long are in january six. Let's see this is timber seventeenth. How many people are still in jail. Because they put their feet up on nancy. Pelosi is desk. I get it bad thing to do. Punish them arrest of charges. Lock them up for the rest of their lives. Do you know how the fear of god has been put into these people and their families how their lives have been destroyed because of their stupidity on january six. Now you could argue. That's as it should be because what they did was a really stupid thing and it was. They became useful idiots for the beast. Those few hundred people became useful idiots for the media machine and the democrat apparatus and biden and all of us liars who pretend now january. Sixth is pearl harbor times nine eleven times ten. They gave them an opening to vilify trump and make him look like he orchestrated it which of course he did not had nothing to do with it. So now there are acting offense again around the capital because there's going to be a few hundred people marching around with signs tomorrow. Complaining about the people locked up still on trespassing charges. Well two things could be true at the same time the protesters tomorrow going to dc would be right in objecting to people rotting under the jail for the rest of their lives because of january sixth. It's also true that what the people did on january sixth was idiotic

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