Romelu Lukaku Is Flying at Chelsea



Will stop by talking about the big game in the premier league this weekend. It is spurs against chelsea chelsea up big favorites in this one and not just with the oddsmakers put also with our panel to it is a clean sweep on the panels predictions. All of them have gone for chelsea to score two goals in this game and come out as winners when we talk about goals. Lukaku has four goals in full games for chelsea many expect him to be top scorer this season. But did you expect him to hit the ground running like he has craig yeah that actually entails needed. A strike hit the ground running. That's why even out and paid the big bucks could l. afford to you know how slow style to the season. Then be playing catch up. So i expect them to start well. Because he's the peak of his career is coming off a great season and that talia again all the heroes. You didn't have much breast and overstays false game was against off smokes this because they do defending So yeah i. I absolutely expected them to gwen show. Aside with structure with a way of playing with some really creative attacking players that can be rotated behind them on a very good manager. Who knows what he wants so for me. It's not a surprise

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