A highlight from Corby Kummer: Changes in SNAP Benefits 'Should Be Causing Dancing in the Streets'


Public radio jack. Bowen is in for. Jim brady and joining us. A line of the latest posses at the intersection of food police. An industry food policy and industry. That is is corby kummer. He's zecca director of the food and society policy program with the aspen institute is senior editor at the atlantic and senior lecturer at the tufts friedman school nutrition science and policy. Hello corby. I am not a member because oh yes you are. We're all members of the food. I knew you're going to say that. That was my disappointed food policy and industry. I'm dying to talk to you. Say know i spent a lot of time. There's there's a dollar store near gbh when you can run in the air for like cheap little decorations and cheap little cups and glasses and all this kind of stuff. I did not realize that dollar trees dollar generals are taking over america. There's more than than walmart starbucks and mcdonald's combined and this washington post piece says is has a lot to do with the haves and the have nots and the great divide between us. Although i'm not a have not happily an awful lot of time there myself even even though i have been railing against dollar tree stores as users. Preying on the poor with inflated prices and ever decreasing portions and. I still feel that. What really surprised me about this. Long washington post piece was the number of people with lower incomes who rely on dollar stores. And don't say i mean one of them said. I used to get six batteries in a pack. Now i get five but the pernicious aspect in there are so many about dollar stores. Is that bill. Keep the prices consistent and they'll constantly shrink the portions inside so it will be named brands. But you don't notice because it's like one ounce than two ounces less than you were getting before and we've been seek complaints in this piece it was. I don't have other options in my neighborhood. I am able to afford frequent frequent uneconomical bad overpriced visits to the dollar store but people feel they can do that and not one guy was barely a very eloquent saying i used to be able to go to kroger and spent one hundred twenty five dollars every two weeks for my family of four and prices are going up.

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