Preparations Underway Ahead of Hurricane Henri’s Impact


For on re I'm Sean Gallagher breaking now. Hurricane Andre is expected to make landfall in the Northeast later today, so evacuation efforts have been underway in areas where people usually look for summer getaways along the Atlantic. ABC, Trevor Alders in New York on Montag. There's now been 500, New York National Guard members deploying and FEMA preparations underway and up into New England. They're expecting to be hit hard as well. Voters there in Massachusetts are pulling their boats from Marina's officials are warning about destructive winds, flooding rain and widespread power outages. We could see wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour and dangerous storm surges up to five FT. A tropical storm watch in effect for New York City until further notice as New Yorkers prepare for potential. The impacts of on re. The city's Office of Emergency Management also issued a storm surge watch for the Bronx and northern Queens officials warning that heavy rains and gusty winds could limit visibility and create difficult travel conditions into Monday. Beaches in New York City are closed for swimming today and Monday.

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