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I alone? Must have been such a screw up in paperwork. That's what happened. Look at best lies of the last year and pass them along. Got to get a break. In here, though, it's 8 20 got to check our driving. Duck. I love Jon Lovitz analogy. That's exactly Yeah, that's that's the ticket. That's it. That's the ticket. There's a pothole. Yeah, that's it. It's gonna blow cars up. Yeah, that's the ticket. Naturally, let's blow through some traffic here if we can from the usually help traffic center The pelvic Health Center at U. C. Help is the region's only health care center, staffed by fellowship, trained euro gynecologist from both gynecology and Urology West Band to 75 slows Just a bit between words Quarter and Loveland that there's a new accident at 71, but they're lined up over on the right shoulder sat found 71, a couple of spots of brake lights, Pfeiffer to Reagan, then again at Red Bank. Dortmund 4 71 Year off and on the brakes from Grand Northbound 75 continues to run close to an extra 10 minutes into town. Direct westbound 32 above. Batavia, Chuck Ingram, NewsRadio 700 wlw. Right forecast. We have the scattered morning rain largely has moved through at least town. South and east. You still have it coming your way, but it'll turn mostly sunny. A little bit later on up to 80 Tonight. Fair 56 Tomorrow sunshine, for the most part slight chance of an afternoon shower in 77.

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