NFL Week 1 With Alex Smith

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Alex smith. Man you were. I mean first off your ties loosened. Let's start there. You've just spend your first sunday as my teammate. now at espn. You were last. Season's nfl comeback player of the year. We all know that incredible story. But i believe this was the first time in twenty five years you have not been playing football or rehabbing for football. So how did it all feel for you personally. Just being out there and not being out there. Yes you're right. It's been twenty five years. This fall that i haven't been doing football some fashion or another been in training camp incredibly different but Awesome i had a lot of people reach out to me a lot of like stanley france. You know this last week in mackay. We're thinking about you. How are you doing. And as honestly i. I'm so at peace with the way my career ended obviously grateful that i ever was able to make it back in to be doing what i'm doing and you know still be around the game in some other capacity. I still had butterflies this morning. So that was amazing and looking forward to this challenge. It's it's it's fun

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