New England Patriots Cut Cam Newton; Mac Jones to Start


Speaking with our breaking news at foxborough. The patriots are releasing cam newton. And we'll move forward with as their quarterback pro football focus posted this week that the alabama rookie has the best preseason rookie passing rate since two thousand thirteen and now look to do with him. Couldn't do last year. Get new england back to the playoffs. Oh shannon what will be the patriots record with mac as a start of the season trying to look as you mentioned. I've tried to schedule and looking at it I say this is gonna make the playoffs. And so i believe it's gonna take ten wins for them to make the playoffs. So i'm gonna go ten ten and seven at the bare minimum possibly lebanon states. But i'll be conservative. I'll say ten and seven I think mayfield play well. I know they're not going to rely olmec as much as maybe some of the other quarterbacks but they're going to run the football i believe they're going to be a top five running team and everything they do is going to be predded gonna be set up the running game so they're gonna be heavy play action. They went to the to tidy. As they went and got a hindrance free agency got john newsouth upgraded the wide receiver position. I think decide nelson born. Yeah so they got some weapons. I man i still like jacoby. Myers i like here tomorrow. Watching the better he gets. I really liked jacoby. Myers in so with that being said skipped. I'm gonna say they go tunas seven and they make the playoffs.

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