Infrastructure Deal: Senate Votes to Start Work on $1T Bill


Hi Mike Rossi are reporting the bipartisan infrastructure package clears its first hurdle in the Senate on the Senate floor Wednesday night Majority Leader Chuck Schumer hailed the vote as the Senate moves to proceed with work on a nearly one trillion dollar bipartisan national infrastructure plan I want to commend the group of senators who worked with president by to reach an agreement on a bipartisan infrastructure bill the bill includes five hundred fifty billion dollars in new spending on public works projects according to a fifty seven page G. O. P. summary obtained by the Associated Press the package would be paid for by tapping some two hundred five billion dollars in unspent covert nineteen relief aid fifty three billion dollars in unemployment insurance aid halted by some states and it relies on economic growth to bring in fifty six billion dollars eventual approval of a final package could rise or fall on the assessment of the Congressional Budget Office as to whether it is fully paid for Mike Rossio Washington

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